Saugatuck summer cottage for rent

For reservations call 269 - 543 - 4362  or  616 - 836 - 0306 (cell)

Saugatuck sailing charters since 1998 aboard Meteor!

Sail the Michigan coast out of Saugatuck on a classic Pearson sloop. 

Enjoy the sparkling Lake Michigan waters and feel the balmy breeze as you take a turn at the helm. 

Experience peace and tranquility, the wind to your face, the warm rays of the sun, and the sound of the waves slapping the hull as you embark on your sailing adventure.

Captain Mort Van Howe will customize your sail to match your desire, whether for a quiet glide or an exciting heel into the waves. As the Meteor slowly slips away you will become part of a once-in-a- lifetime experience--one you won't soon forget!

courtesy Swoboda Images

Let your adventure begin... 

Motor down the beautiful winding Kalamazoo river lined with summer homes and cottages. 

Clear the pier head--and the engine is off. 
The only sound you hear is the wind filling the sails. Now your cruise is under way! 

On board activities can include sunbathing on deck, viewing the coastline, or taking in a sunset. One romantic guest even arranged a moonlight cruise in order to "pop the question."

Ask us about our winter charters in the Bahamas!
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